3rd Amenity Center Under Construction


Location:  Hays and Travis Counties, Texas
Summary: ~2,795 master planned community encompassing single family lots, multi-family, industrial and retail sites
Amenities: Three Amenity Centers

Services Performed:

  • Development
  • Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Public & Private Infrastructure
  • HOA
  • Marketing


  • City of Buda, Hays County Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
  • Sunfield Municipal Utility District

In the Top 50 Masterplanned
Communities in America:

Size of Project:

  • 2,795 acres
  • Current Lots Developed/Under Construction: ~2,125
  • Total Future Lots: ~5,846

Specific Infrastructure :

  • 750,000 elevated water tower, ground storage facilities, and infrastructure.
  • Constructed an onsite wastewater treatment plant to service the Sunfield development.


Scarborough currently serves as the Developer and Owner’s representative for Sunfield, overseeing all aspects of the development.

3rd Amenity Center Under Construction

3rd Amenity Center Under Construction