Winn Ridge

Location:  Aubrey, Texas
Summary:  1,400 Single Family Lot Development

Services Performed:

  • Development
  • Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Public & Private Infrastructure


  • City of Aubrey
  • Winn Ridge Public Improvement District
  • Upper Trinity Regional Water District
  • Mustang Special Utility District

Size of Project:

  • Over 1,400 lots at build-out, encompassing over 300 acres

Specific Infrastructure :

Coordinate with the City of Aubrey on the City projects involved in the Public Improvement District.


Scarborough serves as the fee developer and asset manager for the project owners. Scarborough oversaw all aspects of the development, including PID formation/interaction, construction management, lot closings, and brokerage. Also included with the project was a major offsite sewer line and lift station to serve 10,000+ future residents in the local area through coordination with Upper Trinity Regional Water District, Mustang Special Utility District, and the City of Aubrey.